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About MTM

Mara Tattoo Machines

The story behind MTM

I’ve been tattooing since 1999. At the very beginning it was hard to find decent equipment to work with, those circumstances forced me to develop and build my own machines.


Those machines were simple at first, made from whatever I had available, walkman motor, mechanical pencil parts, guitar wires…


It worked like that for a while, but with more interest for tattooing there was a need for more sophisticated equipment and machines.


During the following years, I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge to develop, design and manufacture tattooing machines that are top of the line and the best of my knowledge…


In each and every Mara Tattoo Machines there is a lot of experience, a lot of trial and error learning, a lot of my testing in a quest for the ultimate tattoo machine that would live up to highest standards that me and other tattoo artists have set. Each of Mara Tattoo Machines had to be sturdy, lightweight, ergonomic, easy to use, durable and pretty looking for tattoo artist.


Mara Tattoo Machines is here to offer you great, sophisticated, and yet affordable rotary tattoo machine.


Mara Tattoo Machines guarantees quality and origin of all it’s products. And furthermore each and every Mara Tattoo Machine is handmade and tested.

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