Mara Tattoo Machines | Warranty, maintenance and repairs
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Warranty, maintenance and repairs

Mara Tattoo Machines are made from high quality materials using top of the line engines and with the utmost care during assembly, but as all products have lifespan, so do our tattoo machines.


Engine warranty is limited to six months, since engine factory itself recommends this warranty period, although it has been proven that engines last a lot longer surpassing recommended warranty period.


Warranty for all other parts is 24 months.


During warranty period, repairs are free of charge, you only have to pay shipping fees.


If machine sustains any damage, malfunction or failure we are at your disposal and we will try to do everything to mutual satisfaction.


Once warranty period has expired we are able to provide you with spare parts at affordable prices. For spare parts please contact us via e-mail and please provide machine serial number.


Maintenance of the Mara Tattoo Machines is quite easy – all you have to do is to regularly clean it using clean cloth in order to remove any residue after work is done.


For further information, inquires, troubles and general questions contact us at We try our best to answer as soon as possible.

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